Harbie Sahara

Herbie Sahara

Universally known as Herbie Sahara - the lead singer of the group. Herbie was born in the UK, and is a very confident vocalist with a powerful voice. He started singing to Hindi film tracks when he was only (3) years old, and also at an early age was singing at local Sikh temples. For as long as Herbie can remember he always wanted to be a singer.
Herbie’s first recollection of bhangra is hearing Alaap and Heera. At age of (10) along side his brothers ‘Kully’ and ‘Gurps’ they became members of the bhangra dance group ‘Nachda Punjab’. Herbie served his apprenticeship playing keyboards and singing for local bands. He did his first ever stage performance at the age of (11
Harbie Sahara

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