Arjun Kanungo | Wife | Age | Sound 7 lyrics

Arjun Kanungo is a Singer, Composer, Actor and Entrepreneur from Mumbai, India. With several hits and hundreds of million views+streams online, he is one of India's most recognizable Popstars.
Arjun Kanungo

Born : September 6, 1990
Place : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Genres : Pop, rock, Dance
Occupation :  Singer, Composer, Producer, Actor
Years active : 2010–present
Labels : Sony

Arjun Kanungo's wife : Natasha Sandhu
In 2019, Arjun released a song tribute entitled 'One Last Time' for his wife Natasha Sandhu who died in September 2018 due to a sudden cardiac arrest. The music video has received over a million views and peaked #12 on trending in the UK.

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