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Qaafirana Song Lyrics 

 Qaafirana Lyrics – Kedarnath: The song is sung by Arijit Singh & Nikhita in Movie Kedarnath while Qaafirana song lyrics written by Amitabh Bhattacharya Qaafirana Lyrics- Get Kedarnath Qaafirana song Lyrics in Hindi. Check out Qaafirana song lyrics in English

Song Name

Qaafirana (Hindi)

Movie Name



Arijit S. Nikhita Gandhi

Lyrics Writer

Amitabh Bhattacharya

Music Director(s)

Amit Trivedi


Sushant R. Sara A.K

Record Label

Zee Music Co.

Qaafirana Song Lyrics | Qaafirana Meaning

Qaafirana  Lyrics 

 In vaadiyon mein Takraa chuke hain
humse musafir yoon to kai
dil na lagaaya humne kisi se
qisse sune hain yoon to kai

as such, many travellers have met me
in these valleys.
but I didn't fall in love with anyone,
though I have heard many such stories.

aise tum mile ho,
aise tum mile ho
jaise mil rahi ho itr se hawa
qaafirana sa hai
ishq hai ya... kya hai?

you have met me,
the way a perfume meets air.
it's something a little basely,
is it love... or what?

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khamoshiyon mein boli tumhaari
kuch is tarah goonjti hai
kaanon se mere hote hue wo
dil ka pata DhoonDhti hai
beswaadiyon mein, beswaadiyon mein
jaise mil raha ho koi zaayka
qaafirana sa hai
ishq hai ya... kya hai?

in silences, your voice echoes
in such a way,
that passing through the ears,
it looks for the path to the heart.
in the times of tastelessness, as if,
it's getting to enjoy some taste,
it's something a little selfish,
is it love... or what?

la la, la laaa, la-la-la-la-la...
la la, la laaa, la-la-laa...
aha-aha, aha-ha-ha-ha,
ahaaa... aa...

godi mein pahaaRiyon ki
ujli dopahri guzaarna
haaye haaye tere saath mein, achchha lage
sharmeeli ankhiyon se
tera meri nazrein utaarna
haaye haaye har baat pe, achchha lage

passing the afternoons
in the lap of mountains, every day,
with you, feels good.
when you try to ward off
evil spirits away from me, with your shy eyes,
on everything (I say), feels good.

Dhalti shaam ne
bataya hai ki door manzil pe raat hai
mujhko tasalli hai ye
ki hone talak raat hum dono saath hain

the setting evening has told,
that there is night far away at the destination.
I'm at peace,
as we are together until it's night.

sang chal rahe hain
sang chal rahe hain
dhoop ke kinaare chhaaon ki tarah
qaafirana sa hai
ishq hai ya... kya hai?

Qaafirana Song Lyrics | Qaafirana Meaning
we are walking together,
at the hem of sunshine, just like the shadow.
it's something a little basely,
is it love... or what?

aise tum mile ho
aise tum mile ho
jaise mil rahi ho 
itr se hawa

qaafirana sa hai
ishq hai ya... kya hai?

End of Qaafirana Song Lyrics

What is the meaning of the Urdu term Qaafirana?


The actual word is to be written as KAFIRANA and not Qafirana.Infact the religious meaning of this word is Infidelity. This word is derived from Arabic. Those who don't believe in Islam are Kafirs. This can be simply understood as “those who don't believe in Hinduism are non-hindus.”

But Urdu poetry has a different interpretation of this word. Here Beloved is termed as Kafir because she doesn't believe in and doesn't reciprocate ones love. Her every act of ignoring the one who falls in her love is said to be Kafirana attitude! This word infact used as Quality of beloved. Like “ kafirana adaayen” . Even the romantic climate is also called Kafirana mausam.

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